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7 Changes to the Admin Console You Should Know About

3 minute read


Google just announced an update to the Admin console that will roll out to Google Apps domains over the next week or two. Most of these changes are surface level design changes, but a few of them are new functionalities which allow for more efficient management.

This guide will walk you through what you need to know about these changes, both design tweaks and functionality additions.

Things that look different

1. Individual User View


When viewing an individual user, their information now displays in this card form. You can view all the same info as before, just a new horizontal look.

2. Add new users menu


The menu for adding a new user to your domain has the same options but now has floating colorful icons.

3. Create a new user


The ‘create a new user page’ looks a bit more flat, and in line with their material design style of new products, but still contains the same information as before.

4. Checkbox next to users’ names are hidden



You may notice the check marks next to the users’ names on the ‘Users page’ is missing. Simply click on the user’s photo to make the check mark appear to allow you to select multiple users at once.

5. Filters moved to the left


When you click on the filter icon in the Admin Console, the filtering menu will now display on the left rather than the right side.

Not all of the changes to the Admin Console are purely aesthetic. Google managed to sneak in a couple of updates that really improve functionality.

Things that work differently

6. Manage users directly from the Users page


In the old Admin console, one would need to click into the user’s profile in order to perform tasks such as suspend, rename or reset user passwords. This update will save you some time, allowing you to do these tasks right from the ‘main user page’.

7. New navigation menu


With the new drop down navigation, you can easily traverse from one page to another without having to first go back to the Admin Console homepage.

These changes can drastically cut down the time it will take to execute certain tasks in the Admin Console. The design and functionality changes contained in this Admin Console update seem to be a sign of more to come from the Google Apps for Work team.

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