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Mute Noisy Tabs in Google Chrome

2 minute read

ltgreen cloud

If you are like me and often have 10+ Chrome tabs open at once, then you know how annoying it can be when there is an ad or video playing in one of them.

Locate the source of noisy distraction by the small speaker icon displayed on the audible tab, but what about when you want to mute the sound coming from the tab? Using this hidden feature, you can mute the tab without even clicking into it.

The mute tab feature isn’t on any advertised menu because it is still in beta but you can still enable it if you know where to find it. Once enabled, you only need to click on the speaker icon to mute the offending tab without ever leaving the tab you are currently working in. Welcome to audio bliss.


To mute noisy tabs in Google Chrome

1. Enter chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting in the url bar



2. Click enable under “Enable tab audio muting UI control”



3. Enter chrome://restart in the URL bar



4. Click on the speaker icon on the offending tab to mute it




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