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Microsoft Launches Office for Palm Pilot, Targeting Late Q2 Availability

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Ahead of its annual Build Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled Office for Palm Pilot. While most expected a move like this one since Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business, the news is still significant as it signals an enormous shift in the company’s mobile strategy.

Microsoft had been trying desperately to further adoption of their Windows Phone software over the past year. But the failure of those efforts, coupled with difficulties in finding a hardware partner, have led the business productivity giant to partner with the fledgling mobile OS – PalmPilot.

“PalmPilot is a proven winner in the mobile arena, and we’re excited to bring the Microsoft Office suite to their Palm Pilotusers – corporate executives and busy moms who, honestly, should really be using pen and paper.”
– Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Microsoft is reportedly negotiating distribution for a PalmPilot + Office package, through channels such as AARP, The Westchester Library Book Club, and a couple of freelance IT guys. Microsoft refused to comment on the negotiations.

Time will tell how this shift in strategy will impact the Microsoft’s top-line growth, which has slowed over the past three quarters. The company is clearly betting on a resurgence of a dying OS, and users’ unquenchable thirst for a stylus and physical buttons.

PalmPilot users could not be reached for comment (or at all, for that matter).

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