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Keep track of changes in Google Drive with new Activity Stream

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Google Drive allows colleagues, friends and family members to work together on files no matter where in the world everyone happens to be. Real-time collaboration is great because it gives us the experience of working together, even if we may be in different countries. On the other hand, if you’re not in the same place as your collaborator it may be tricky to know when changes are being made to a file.

A brand new feature is coming to Google Drive that surfaces all of this information in the form of an activity stream. Now you can see if someone is making changes to a Spreadsheet, commenting on a Doc, adding a Presentation to a folder or sharing something with a new hire.

Google Drive Activity Stream


You can also see changes that are specific to an individual file or folder. Clicking on a file or folder will narrow down the focus of the activity stream to only what you’re interested in at the moment.

Google Drive Activity Stream.gif


This feature is rolling out over the next week, so be sure to check your Google Drive for changes!

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