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Instantly Create a Color Palette Based on Any Image

2 minute read

Chrome Green

So you want to spruce up your presentation or project with some color… but what colors go well together?

Enter Palette Creator, a Chrome extension that creates a color palette based on any image you have. It’s a great creative tool for those of us who might not have the experience or education to know how to create a striking color scheme.

    • Head to the Chrome Web Store and search for Palette Creator. Click on the Add to Chrome button button to install the extension.
    • Have an image that you love the colors of? Open it in your browser, and right-click on the image. In the right-click menu, you’ll see that a new option has been added for Palette Creator. You can choose how many colors you want your new palette to have.



    • Then you’ll instantly get a new color palette based on the colors in your image. Included here are the hex codes for each of the colors, so you can easily use them in any project you’re working on.



    • To show you how that works, we’ll copy the hex code for a slate blue color (6D91B4) in our palette and hop over to a Google Site we’ve been working on. If you’re unfamiliar with hex codes, it’s a six-digit number that represents a color in computing applications. In most places where you can specify a custom color, all you have to do is insert the proper hex code in order to use a very specific color.



    • When we copy and paste the hex code in the field, you can see that our new color (the slate blue) has been implemented. You can do this for any color you like in your palette.


Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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