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How to Insert and Format Images in PowerPoint

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Have you ever been in the audience for a PowerPoint presentation that was all text? Watching, listening, and trying to learn and retain information is challenging without the visual stimulation of images.

You can help your audience get more out of your PowerPoint presentation by inserting and properly formatting images. Check out the video above or our pointers below.

To insert an image in PowerPoint 2013/2016:

To insert a picture from an existing file, click the Insert tab and then click the Pictures button.

To insert an image you have stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, or to search for an image on Bing, click the Insert tab and then click the Online Pictures button.

Once you insert the image, you can go on to format it.

To format an image in PowerPoint 2013/2016:

From the Format tab, you can crop your image, add borders, and more. If the image doesn’t look quite right, explore the Adjust area, where you can correct the brightness and contrast, adjust the colors, and add other artistic effects. If you need a border or shadow, explore the Picture Styles section.

If you make a change that distorts your picture or is otherwise undesirable, select Reset Picture and/or select Reset Picture & Size from the drop-down menu. This will revert the image back to its original formatting and you can continue editing.

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