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Inbox Users Finally Have Their Own Help Forum

2 minute read

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Inbox users rejoice! Specialized help forums have come to Inbox by Gmail.

Back in October of 2014, Gmail took a bold step and introduce an entirely new way to manage your emails, Inbox by Gmail.

Months went by, invite after invite went out and over time more people began to try, and continue to use Inbox by Gmail.  Still many Gmail enthusiasts were concerned that this new Inbox by Gmail was going to replace their beloved Gmail.

Recently, Google has made it clear, at least to me, that both Gmail and Inbox by Gmail are here to stay. Yesterday, Google has made the decision to separate out Gmail and Inbox by Gmail into two separate Product Forums. Prior to this, Inbox help was tucked away as a subsection of the Gmail Product Forums.

So what does this all mean for Inbox users? It means now you can get specialized support from Inbox experts on the new Inbox Product Forum. You will no longer experience confusion on what application you are using and you can rest assured that those helping you are avid Inbox users and know the product inside and out.



For those of you still using classic Gmail, you can get specialized support from product experts at the Gmail Product Forum.


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