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Import Comments and Tracked Changes from Microsoft Word into Google Docs

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We received a Microsoft Word document today, and converted it to a Google Doc like we always do. Everything looked normal at first, but then we realized a comment had been converted as well.

Former Word users have long been frustrated when their comments are lost during the conversion process, but it looks like they won’t have to worry about that anymore.

The latest update to Google Docs means that whenever you convert a Word file to Docs, any tracked changes from Word will become suggested edits in Docs and vice versa. This is a huge update for those of you who are working with Word and Docs, or have colleagues that haven’t made the switch to Docs.

Check out the screenshots below.

Microsoft Word comments:

Word Track Changes

Converted to Google Docs:

Imported Comments


Google has made a ton of improvements to Google Drive in the past few months to make sure that Microsoft files behave much more naturally in Google Drive. For example, the new Office Editing Chrome extension means that you can import Microsoft files to Google Drive, edit them, and download them back into the Microsoft format. Making sure tracked changes and suggested edits work well together is just another step Google is taking to get you to give up Office forever.

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