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How to Use Paste Options in Word

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Copy and paste is a quintessential function in Office 365. Time is precious and ideally, if we can avoid retyping, then the more time we have.

However, copying and pasting an Excel table into a Word doc can cause some roadblocks when it comes to formatting. Thankfully, there’s a feature called Paste Options that provides several pasting options.

    1. When you have an Excel table ready to paste in a Word doc, find the Paste Options button in the top left of the window.
    2. Click the drop down menu to preview your Paste Options. You can hover over each option and a preview of the paste will appear in the Word doc. These options include:
  • Keep Source Formatting – Reflects what you copied on to Clipboard. This is also the same as the CTRL-V command on your keyboard.
  • Use Destination Styles – Copies the Excel table, but the Paste doesn’t carry over the Excel specific features, like colored cells.
  • Link & Keep Source Formatting – Similar to the first option, however, if changes are made on the original Excel spreadsheet, the adjustments will be reflected in Word too.
  • Link & Use Destination Cells – Like Use Destination Styles, this option adds the linking capability.
  • Picture – Captures a snapshot of Excel table and functions as a pasted image.
  • Keep Text Only – Removes special formatting and pastes just the text from the Excel table.

For more information on Excel pasting options in Word, read this article.

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