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How to Use Clutter for Office 365

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Does your email inbox remind you of an unbearably messy desk? Some of us need a little assistance to stay on top of our out-of-control inboxes, and Office 365 for Business can help with the Clutter feature.

Clutter for Office 365 arrived in late 2014. It’s not enabled by default, so you must opt-in to take advantage of it. Scroll down to see a quick video or written instructions on enabling Clutter.

The Clutter feature¬†uses machine learning* to identify lower-priority items in your inbox–not junk mail, which will still go to spam, but the items that are less important–which are then moved to another folder (called “Clutter”). You can train it¬†by marking items as Clutter with the right-click menu in OWA, or moving items to the Clutter folder or¬†out of the folder if they’ve been auto-identified incorrectly.

To enable Clutter, sign in to Office 365 on the web and open Outlook Online.

  1. Go to the settings gear, and click Options.
  2. Under Mail, select Clutter.
  3. Select the radio button for Separate items identified as clutter.
  4. Click Save.

After you go through these instructions, the Clutter folder will appear across all your mail clients: on the web, in the desktop client (see below), and on mobile devices. You will also receive a welcome mail explaining a bit more about Clutter.

If you don’t use Office 365 for Business, you can experience similar functionality by using the Focused Inbox in the iOS app.

*The machine learning capability of Office 365 is called Office Graph.

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