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How to Sign Up for a Free Trial of Office 365

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Want to try a 30-day trial of Office 365? You’ve got options! The choice to move to the cloud is a big decision for you and your organization and a test run of a new software is a smart idea to find out what works best for you.

In the screenshot below, you can see that there are several Office 365 options to choose from.

Once you’ve decided which plan suits your needs best, watch the video above and follow the steps below to start your 30 day trial of Office 365.

  1. Under the trial you select, click Learn More.
  2. On the next page, select Free Trial.
  3. Fill out information on the following pages.
    • “Welcome, Let’s get to know you”
    • “Create your user ID”
    • “Prove You’re Not A Robot”
    • Text message verification
  4. Select Create my account.
    • After selecting this, it may take a few moments for your trial to load and begin.
  5. Click You’re ready to go…
    • Now, you will arrive to the homepage of Office 365.
  6. The icons on the bottom of the page are loading. When they are done loading, they will populate with a color and app title.

Now, you’re ready to begin your free trial of Office 365!


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