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How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

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Have an email you have to get off your chest, but sending it on a Friday night just doesn’t feel right? In Outlook, you have the option to schedule your email for a later time. Scheduling an email can be useful in many situations.

One example might be delaying a thank you email a few hours after an interview, or sending birthday wishes to your co-worker for her upcoming birthday. See the instructions above in the video, and written below here:

  1. In a new email message, type your message and prepare to send.
  2. Once your message is ready, click the Options tab in the top of the message.
    • Click Delay Delivery.
      • A new menu will appear.
      • Go to the line “Do not deliver before.”
      • Select the date and time you would like email to be sent.
  3. Once your time is selected, click Close and click Send.
  4. The email draft will populate in your outbox. Your email will remain in the outbox until your email is scheduled to send.

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