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How to Restrict External Sharing of Secondary Calendars

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In today’s video, we discuss a recent update to Google Apps that allows users to alter the share settings for the secondary calendars of their organization. In our opinion, more security options are always better, and this tool can be implemented in less than five minutes.

1. Access the Google Apps control panel for your organization

  • As an admin, click on the gear on the top-right corner of your Gmail interface.
  • Select Manage this Domain.

2. Go to Calendar Settings

  • This can be accessed through the Google Calendar icon in the middle of your screen via the settings link.
  • Click on the General tab.

3. Edit your Sharing Options for Secondary Calendars

  • The second entry should read ‘External Sharing options for secondary calendars’ with four options.
  • We like to use the first choice, ‘only free/busy information

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