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How to Record Meetings in Skype for Business

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While Office 365 tools like OneNote make it easy to take great notes during meetings, sometimes it’s beneficial to have an actual recording of the meeting itself. This way, if you forget any key details, you have a historical record to fall back on. Also, it can be useful for participants who weren’t able to make it or who weren’t originally invited.

Recording a meeting captures the audio, video, chat (IM), screensharing, PowerPoint slides, whiteboard activity, and polling. Skype for Business makes it easy to record; follow the steps in the video above, or:

  1. Click the … button in the lower right corner of the meeting window. Recording will automatically begin.
  2. Pause, resume, or stop the recording with the controls on the lower part of the meeting screen.
  3. When the meeting is complete or recording should stop, press the square stop button.
  4. An alert will appear to notify you that recording is complete. Click it to access the Recording Manager, or click Tools in Skype for Business and select Recording Manager. For more info, see the Microsoft support page for Skype for Business Recording Manager.

Having trouble recording your Skype meeting? Check out these steps.

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