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How to Manage Search in Your Chrome Browser

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how to manage search in your chrome browser

Everyone knows that you can perform a Google search directly from your Chrome browser. What you may not know is that you can also perform searches in other websites from your Chrome browser. You can also change your default search engine to Yahoo, Bing, or even Facebook!

To perform a search of an alternate website in your Chrome browser:

  • Type in the name of the website in your Chrome browser (Ex:
  • Press the space bar at the end of the address, and enter in your search term. (*Keep in mind, this does not work for all websites*)

To change your default search engine:

  • Click the Chrome settings button at the top right corner of your browser and scroll down to settings.
  • Scroll down to the search section and select a different search engine from the drop down bar on the left.
  • You can also choose a a lesser known search engine by clicking on the Manage search engine button, and selecting a website of your choice.



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