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How to Insert a Calendar Into a Word Document for Mac

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Microsoft Word comes with a lot of great calendar templates. They’re attractive, functional, and fit well in any document. Customizing and inserting a calendar into your Word document is easy–here’s how to do it.

  • In Word, go to File > New from Template > scroll down and select the Calendar option or do a search for “calendar” in the search bar in the top-right corner. There are a lot of default options already included with Word, and you can find more on the web if you’d like.
  • Select a calendar. These pre-existing templates are dynamic, so you can select the month and year you want the calendar formatted for in the menu that appears.
  • You can also tweak the appearance a little bit. Click Themes and adjust the theme, or click Colors to try a different color. You can also click Fonts to adjust the fonts.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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