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How to Enable API Access for Google Apps

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The Google Apps Marketplace is the first place we recommend Admins to when looking to enhance their Google Apps experience. Whether it’s an admin tool, or just a general productivity application for their users, the Marketplace has something for everyone.

After installing a Marketplace tool, some Admins encounter issues when opening the application for the first time. This is most likely due to API access being disabled by default for their Google Apps domain.

Enabling API access is extremely easy, and can be accomplished in a few quick steps whether you’re using the old Google Apps Control Panel or the new Google Apps Admin Console.

To Enable API Access in the Admin Console:

1.) Open the Admin Console

2.) Click the Security icon (if you can’t find it, it may be located in the More controls section at the bottom of your screen)

3.) Click on API reference and check the box next to Enable API Access

4.) Save changes

To Enable API Access in the Control Panel:

1.) Click on Domain Settings then User Settings

2.) Check the box next to Enable API Access

3.) Save changes

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