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How to Disable Slack Channel Creation (Public or Private) for End Users

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Slack was designed to make communication more efficient and productive. However, when your team starts creating too many channels, it can do the complete opposite. Too much noise and too many conversations to keep track of fosters an atmosphere that slows down your company productivity.

One solution to this is to set restrictions on who can create new Slack channels on your team. By disabling the creation of public Slack channels for your end users and leaving only the option for users to create private (invite only) Slack channels, you can have much more control over where communication occurs. Depending on your company policies you may even want to restrict the creation of any type of Slack channels so only admins can create them.

1. Click the crop down menu next to your Slack team name
2. Select “Team Settings”
3. Navigate to the “Permissions” tab
4. Click into “Channel Management Restrictions”
5. Select who can create channels and who can create private channels from the drop down menus
6. Click “Save Settings”

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