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How to Create a Post-It Shape in PowerPoint for Mac

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PowerPoint Yellow

The post-it is one of the most recognizable shapes around. We all recognize that yellow square as a universal indicator that something is important and that we should remember it. That’s why inserting a post-it shape into your PowerPoint presentation can be a useful tool for creating a visual that people will pay attention to.

  1. In Microsoft PowerPoint, click on Insert > Shapes. 
  2. Select the square with a folded corner, and draw it on your slide using the crosshairs.
  3. Click on the Shape Format menu at the top to pull up the themes. Click on the Shape Fill icon and choose the bright yellow color.
  4. Click on the text box icon and place a text box on your post-it. Select a font that looks a little more natural and handwritten, just to add to the effect of the post-it, and then write your message.

Note: The instructions are the same for PCs. 

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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