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How to Create a Google Doc

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A Google Doc is an online document that is stored in your Drive.  You can choose if you want your Doc to be private, shared with certain people or made public. Using Docs allows for great group collaboration.  These docs can be viewed and edited by everyone at the same time.

1. Within your Drive, click on the ‘Create’ button and select ‘Document’.

2. Create the Document

  • Give it a title by clicking on “Untitled Document” at the top of the page or by selecting ‘File’ and then ‘Rename’.
  • Create and format your text.

3. Share Settings

  • Click ‘Share’ and type in the email addresses you wish to share with.
  • Check the box to send out email notifications to those you are sharing with if you want them to receive an email saying that you have shared the document with them.
  • Select “add message” to add a message to those you are sharing the doc with.

*Tip – Add to a Folder

  • From your Drive, click ‘Create’ and then select ‘Folder’.
  • To add a file to a folder, drag it from the Drive to the folder.  You can also do this by checking the files you want to add and clicking ‘More’.  Select ‘Move to’ and choose the folder(s) you want the files in.

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