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How to Create a Better Email Signature in Inbox by Gmail

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Inbox Blue

Since its release last year, Inbox by Gmail has functioned as Gmail’s simpler and more efficient younger sibling. With swiping capabilities that make it more intuitive on mobile, and a bright interface, using Inbox can certainly be refreshing.

However, for everything Inbox brings to the table in terms of speed and ease of use, it still falls behind in terms of some basic functionality. One such frustration is the simplicity of the email signature editor.

Sporting a far too simple email signature creator that only allows you to create plain text signatures, Inbox certainly leaves a lot to be desired. For those of you who like multicolored signatures, containing beautiful fonts and images and still want to use Inbox, I have finally found a solution. This little workaround allows you to have signatures with detail on par with those of standard Gmail users and you get to keep all of your correspondence within that Inbox interface you have come to love.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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