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How to Configure the New Gmail Inbox

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If you’re a Multiple Inboxes Lab user, check out this important note

The new Gmail Inbox is being touted as a way to put you back in charge of your mail. To learn how you can test out the new inbox type for yourself, check out this video.

The new inbox type uses a smart labeling system to automatically categorize your messages into four different types, along with the default ‘Primary’ section. These new tabs include ‘Social’, ‘Promotions’, ‘Updates’ and ‘Forums’.

If you click on the settings gear at the top of your current inbox, you should see an option to ‘Configure inbox’ (if you don’t see it, don’t worry, it may not have rolled out to your domain yet).

From there, you can decide which tabs you want to enable, if any at all. When you’re presented the new inbox, you can drag-and-drop messages to a new tab, or right-click to move the message.

You also have the option to revert back to your old inbox type by returning to the settings gear and selecting ‘Settings’, ‘Inbox’ then ‘Inbox type’.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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