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How to Add a Watermark to a PowerPoint Presentation

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Some of the most confidential data is presented in a PowerPoint deck and one method to imply that there is confidential data is to add a watermark to the slides. Oftentimes, we need reminders that a document is “Internal Only,” a “Draft,” or “Not for Distribution,” and adding a watermark is a helpful alert your audience.

Watch the video above or follow these steps below.

First, we will begin by adjusting the slide master:

  1. Click the View tab.
    • Select Slide master.
  2. Select the top slide.
  3. Go to the Insert tab.
    • Add a text box in middle of the slide.
    • Type in text you want to be watermarked.
    • Resize, rotate, and adjust the text as you see fit.
  4. Now to make the text look faded and more like a watermark, select the Format tab.
    • Click the pop out menu for Format Shape. A menu will appear on the right.
    • Click the Text options icon in the format shape menu.
    • Under Text Fill and Outline, you can adjust the transparency of the text here.
      • Adjust the text transparency as you see fit.
  5. Close the master view in the top menu bar.
  6. Now, the watermark should be visible on text heavy slides.

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