There are many ways to customize your Youtube Channel. One of them is by creating a “Featured Tab” page where you can post a video of your choice with shelves underneath it. It’s especially helpful if you have an introduction video that you want people to see before they arrive at your video feed. Youtube has continuously made it easier to customize your page, and this makes Youtube an even better place for hosting your videos.


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3 thoughts on “How to Add a Featured Tab to Your Youtube Channel

  1. Cameron Reply

    Is there any way to get embed code for the featured channel? THat would be nice to just plug into a website without having to steer to YouTube….

  2. Kase Luzar Reply

    Hello. I’m creating a how-to library for our company. Most of the videos will be posted in our Community, but regardless, all will be stored on the YouTube page of a ghost account.

    I want to make these videos private within our domain, but I don’t want a share email/link to be automatically sent. Can I restrict a video to our domain, but choose not to send an email invite (as I can do in Drive)? I can’t seem to find a definitive answer anywhere.

    Also, any suggestions for how to best create a library for just our domain would be appreciated. Thanks!

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