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Handwriting Input to Gmail and Google Docs

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Handwriting Image

The Gmail and Google Drive teams announced today that it has added handwriting input to Gmail and Google Docs, which might be a huge relief for a number of people who find it easier to draw characters, rather than use a traditional keyboard. Users will be able to draw out characters (and complete words) with their mouse or trackpad, and have it transferred into traditional text:

Gmail and Docs offer wide language support, however in some cases using the keyboard is less than ideal. Whether you’re a student trying to include a foreign phrase in your paper or an international consultant hoping to begin your message with a friendly local greeting, now you’ll be able to use your own handwriting to input words directly into Gmail and Google Docs with your mouse or trackpad.

To try it out, enable input tools in Gmail or Docs and select the handwriting input (represented by a pencil icon) of the language you want to use.

For more information, check out the entire post on the Gmail blog.

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