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Get Things Done Faster Using Google's Integration with Slack

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Be prepared to take your productivity to the next level. Google’s recent integration with Slack means that now you can share and create Drive files directly in Slack.

With this new product integration that Google has cooked up with Slack, you don’t have to waste time jumping between windows and programs trying to accomplish a simple task.

Share Drive files directly into Slack

Head to a Slack channel. By clicking the “+” button in Slack, you can select a file from Google Drive and import it directly into Slack.



This is super useful, as it eliminates the need to email links or share from Drive if you’re already collaborating in Slack.



Create Drive files from right within Slack

In Slack, click the “+” button again, and you can choose to create a new Google Doc, Sheets spreadsheet, or Slides presentation from within Slack.



When you create it, you can name it, choose where to share it to, and add comments.



How it’ll look

Since we have popups blocked, Slack will just post a link to the new document in the channel.



If we allow pop ups, Slack will create the new document, and it will pop up open in a new tab.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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