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Google Sheets Just Got Some Major Updates

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Google Sheets just got some major updates. Adding new functionality to nearly every aspect of Sheets from chart creation to data display, and even collaboration. We break down the main things you need to know about this update so you can start taking full advantage of it right now!

Make charts that display more and display smarter

  • Add labels to your chart that display the exact values of each figure
  • Choose from a selection of symbol and shape options to display data points in scatter and line charts
  • More intuitive resizing of charts

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Take more control of your data

  • Sheets will preview the results of your formula as you type it and will even display errors as you go
  • Column and row filtering has been expanded to include 16 conditions including “less than,” “greater than,” “text contains,” “date after,” and more
  • Calculated fields allow you to apply formulas within pivot table views
  • The GETPIVOTDATA function allows you to retrieve data directly from a pivot table.



Avoid collaborative mishaps

A few months ago I showed you how to protect cell ranges in a Google Sheet. This update takes that functionality even further! You can now set sheets or cell ranges to warn editors, rather than block them completely. Sheets will let them know that they are editing an important cell and ask them to confirm they are sure they want to make the change. This feature is sure prevent a lot of editing accidents.

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What are you waiting for? Try these features now!


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