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Google the Presidential Candidates + Download Your Trump Gooru, Clinton Gooru, and More

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Having trouble deciding who you’re voting for on Tuesday? A quick Google search will help gather the details you need to compare the candidates. When you search a candidate’s name, Google provides a built-in preview of their biographies, stances on key issues, links to their social media profiles, among other information. You can expand these menus to further your search.

When you search “[Candidate name] issue stances,” a list of relevant national issues are returned with the candidate’s stance provided for each issue. Notable quotes are pulled from sourced links to describe the candidate’s thoughts.

And who doesn’t want a Gooru version of their favorite candidate? Based off the four candidates that have won at least one primary, we’ve created a caricature for them and a preview of their returned Google search results.



Download your Hillary Clinton Gooru here.



Download your Donald Trump Gooru here.



Download your Bernie Sanders Gooru here.



Download your Ted Cruz Gooru here.

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