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Ensure Google Drive Compliance in Google Apps

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While it’s very common for businesses to have secure information, like company credit card numbers, stored in Google Drive, it’s essential that these sensitive documents are not shared publicly. However, the Admin Console does not provide a way to search through the contents of your domain’s drive to view the contents of each document.

Using BetterCloud for Google Apps, Google Apps Administrators can run a scan that will search all of your domain’s documents for a string of numbers that resemble a credit card number or a SSN and will notify you of which documents contain this information and how they are shared. You can also use BetterCloud to automatically change sharing permissions based on file content.

BetterCloud uses a real-time API-based DLP solution for Google Apps using Google’s Drive Activity Report and Push Notifications APIs. There has been a lot of discussion about what is the better cloud DLP option, proxy-based or API-based. API-based solutions allow any sensitive information to be detected immediately, giving the IT team time to identify the user and take action to correct the violations.

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