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Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office: How to Delegate Email and Calendars

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In this video, we’ll review the steps necessary to delegate your email and calendar to another person, and how to view and manage delegated accounts in GASMO.

Occasionally, whether you’re using Google Apps for work, or for personal use, a situation will arise where you need to grant another person access to your mailbox or calendar. Alternatively, they might want you to help them manage their own mail or calendar. Fortunately, Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows users to view and manage both email and calendar accounts which have been delegated.

Before we review how to add and view delegated accounts using Outlook, let’s take a step back and look at the process of actually delegating a Gmail or Google Calendar account to another user in the first place. This part of the process cannot be done using GASMO, and must be performed directly in the Gmail and Google Calendar web apps.

To delegate a Google Calendar:

1.) From within the Calendar app, click Gear > Settings > Calendars

2.) Click the link for sharing settings adjacent to the calendar you wish to delegate.

3.) Under Share with Specific People, enter the email address of the individual to whom you wish to delegate your account

4.) Choose Make Changes to Events or Make Changes to Events and Manage Sharing as the permission setting.

5.) Click Save to confirm your changes. The delegate will receive an email confirmation, and your calendar will now appear in their My Calendars list in the web interface, without them needing to take any action.

Now, let’s return to Outlook and review how to add a delegated account to your GASMO profile so you can view and manage that account in addition to your own.

Before you are able to view a delegated email or calendar account in GASMO, you must first add the account for delegation in Google Apps Sync.

To Add an account for delegation in Google Apps Sync:

1.) Go to the Start Menu, Programs then Google Apps Sync

2.) Click Add Account for Delegation.

3.) In the pop-up menu, enter the email address for the owner of the delegated email and/or calendar account, then click OK.

4.) Open Outlook and wait for the sync process to complete.

If a Gmail account has been delegated to you, you will now see that mailbox in your list of mail folders. With regard to a delegated Google Calendar, you will now see the delegated profile listed under the All Calendar Items drop-down list.

You can now view and manage the delegated mailbox and calendar using GASMO.

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