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Gmelius, the Best Gmail Chrome Extension

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Gmelius is an awesome Chrome Extension that allows you to remove ads from your Gmail and also lets you customize your Gmail in many different ways. In this video, I go over 5 of Gmelius’ features and then talk about how it can enhance the Preview Pane Lab at the end.

1. Remove ads

2. Add Google Voice to your Nav Bar

3. Remove Google Play from your Nav Bar

4. Highlight emails when your mouse goes over them

5. Add icons for attachments so you can see what kind of attachment it is


Preview Pane Lab – The Preview Pane Lab allows you to stay in your inbox while looking at emails. You can choose the vertical way, which shows the e-mail to the side of your inbox, or the horizontal way which shows your mail underneath your inbox. Here is a link to my original video on the Preview Pane Lab.

Gmelius lets you remove the people widget and other content that clutters your Gmail to allow for more room to make use of the Preview Pane Lab.

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