The convenience of logging into Gmail from any web browser with an internet connection is a great feature, but if you’re not diligent about logging out of your Gmail account after accessing it on public or shared machines, you could be in trouble.

Luckily, Google¬†can leverage their 100% web infrastructure to offer Gmail users the ability to remotely sign out of all sessions, except for the one they are actively using. If you’ve ever felt like your password may have been compromised, this is a crucial step to take in addition to changing your password.

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10 thoughts on “Gmail Security Tip – Sign Out of All Other Sessions

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply

      Hi – what exactly is happening? You try to sign out and it doesn’t sign you out of Gmail? Try closing the browser and then opening it back up, and see if you are still logged in. If it’s a shared computer, then hop on your personal computer and use the suggested process for logging out all other remote sessions.

  1. Darryl Reply

    This video and website helped me tremendously! I have done this process before, but I couldn’t remember where to find it or how to do it. All of the other websites that say they help, were of no use to me because they didn’t even come close to what I needed. From now on, I will be coming straight to!

  2. David Reply

    Hi, can you tell me how google makes it possible to login into gmail and then if you just go to youtube (and you weren’t logged in there) you are automatically loged in? Cookies and sessions can not be shared across different domains, how do they do it? Thanks

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      YouTube was purchased by Google in 2008, and currently acts as a subsidiary of Google. For example, if you click the ‘More’ dropdown menu in your Gmail inbox, you should see a link to YouTube.

  3. Jorge Reply

    I log on to several public computer and then I close the browser but i stay logged on.
    Can i have out out when i close the browser?

    I understand the feature but I still have to remember to log on to this web site and force all other computer to log out.

    Can I have it so that my personal computer, smart phone and tablets still log on until i log off but have public computer log of Google accounts when not in use?

    Thanks for the advice it was very helpful

  4. Caleb Reply

    when you sign out of all other sessions in gmail, will that sign you out of all other sessions in all the other google products such as drive and youtube?

    • Google Gooru Post authorReply


      Yes, those accounts are all linked to your main Google account, so they will be signed out as well.

      • Caleb Reply

        ok thanks for the help and quick response! will keep this site in mind in the future as well!!

  5. Ashok Narayan Reply

    I have always signed out of gmail diligently and yet I do notice that it frequently says that I have not signed out of some sessions. Does it mean my account has been hacked?

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