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Gmail Releases Gmailify: Access the Best Gmail Features Without a Gmail Address

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You can only access Gmail features if you have a Gmail account, right? Not anymore!

One of the favorite features of Gmail is Gmail’s ability to filter and separate your real mail from your spam mail. Until recently, you were only able to access Gmail features if you had a Gmail account. Beginning today, you can take advantage of Gmail with a Yahoo! or Hotmail/ account. This new functionality is called Gmailify. To set it up, all you have to do is link your non-Gmail account with the Gmail app.*

Here are all of the features you can take advantage of in a Gmailify-ed account

  • Gmail’s spam protection
  • Filtering options between Social, Updates, and Promotional Emails
  • Speedy search
  • Have travel and hotel notifications automatically appear in Google Now
  • Improved mail notifications on your phone

*Gmailify is available for Android. For more details on how to Gmailify your other email addresses, visit the support page.

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