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Get Started Using Google Apps Script

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Google makes it easy to get started with Apps Script regardless of your coding experience. What makes Apps Script great for people who are interested in getting more functionality out of Google Apps?

No Coding Required: If you’re not interested in working with the Apps Script code whatsoever, you can just copy and paste code to quickly get the functionality found in Google’s example scripts.

Want to Learn: Maybe you have little to no experience with Javascript, but you’re willing to invest a little time in learning how to make Apps Scripts. Google provides helpful tutorials to help users with little to no coding experience build Apps Scripts.

Experienced Coder: If you have a moderate to advanced knowledge of Javascript programming, you may want to just start scripting. Consider taking a look at some example scripts to help you get started.

To get started with Google Apps Script, all you need is a Google or Google Apps Account. From there, you can just log-in to your account and visit to write your first Apps Script!

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