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Get More Info About Your O365 Tenant by Viewing Audit Reports in Azure AD

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Admins, do you visit your Azure AD management portal? Day-to-day management tasks may have you stuck in the Office 365 admin center, but there’s a lot to explore in Azure AD.

The video above provides a demonstration of how to access the audit report:

  1. From the admin center, click on Azure AD in the left panel.
  2. Select your Office 365 tenant.
  3. Select REPORTS.
  4. Select Audit report.
  5. Adjust the date range as needed (click the check mark icon to refresh), and download a .csv file if desired.

The audit report allows admins to review data that occurs in their Azure Active Directory; for example, an admin may wish to see a list of user accounts deleted in the past 30 days, or password resets over the past week. More information on the events in the audit report can be found here. Data in the report also is pulled by the Azure AD Reporting API.

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