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Find Beautiful Images for Your PowerPoint Presentation with the Pickit Add-in

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Visual imagery makes any presentation look better. If you’re making slides in PowerPoint and you need images for them, the Pickit add-in is a great solution. Pickit has an extensive library of free curated images, and it integrates right into PowerPoint so you don’t have to leave the program.

  • Head to the Office Store and search for Pickit. Click the Add button.
  • You’ll see two options: “Open in PowerPoint” and “Open in Word.” We’ll click on the “Open in PowerPoint” option since that’s our focus today, but it’s worth noting that this add-in is also available in Word.
  • PowerPoint will open and load the add-in. On the right-hand side, you’ll be asked if you want to trust this add-in, which you do.
  • When you want to add an image to your presentation using Pickit, head to the Insert menu. At the top of your screen, to the right, you’ll notice the pink Pickit icon.
  • Once you click on this, a new pane will open up on the right-hand side of your screen, where you can browse for pictures. You’ll see a search bar at the top, followed by curated collections underneath, and finally the Categories menu.
  • You can use the dropdown menu to find images that fit the theme of the presentation you’re creating. When you find an image that you like, click on it and hit Insert to place it into your presentation.
  • Resize and adapt the image to your liking.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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