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Google's New Feature Lets You Plan Your Next Vacation with Just One Search

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It’s easy to daydream about vacation when you’re on the daily grind waiting in line or passing the time. When the idea of vacation suddenly seems like a brilliant idea, it is convenient to have your phone nearby for a quick Google search to continue daydreaming about the perfect vacation.

Being on the other side of the Google Search engine can be like reading into the minds of Google users. Last year, Google found that travel-related Google searches increased by 50 percent on mobile devices. And now, Google is making it easier to compile these popular search results.

Now when you search a city or country with “destination” following your location, your returned results group together what it would take to make it happen. When you search “thailand destination,” for example, you’ll see the following on your mobile device. The search results integrate with Google Flights and Hotel search, but they also pull together new features that will help you piece together your paradise.

First, you’re tempted with these beautiful images.

thailand serp

When you select one of the images from the above screen, you’re taken to a screen where you can select from several city destinations in Thailand. At the top of this next screen (pictured below), you can select Filter by, that expands to a menu where you specify your dates of travel and travel activity interests, as well as set your travel budget.


When you select the city that interests you, Google ties together important information you may need to know about this city, such as its history and suggested itineraries. Under the Plan a Trip tab, you can explore estimated prices, popular flights, and recommended hotels.



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