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Customizable Lists for Google Docs and Presentations

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If you use Google Drive as your default document and presentation suite, you know that it can be a little frustrating to format your bulleted and numbered lists. A recent update (8/12) fixes this functionality, and makes it really simple to edit and customize your lists.

First of all, you can finally select your bullets and numbers, which is a really welcomed change on its own. From there you can change the entire format of your lists from the toolbar, or from the Format section at the top of your file.

I’ve noticed that if you make changes to your lists from the toolbar or the Format section, it will apply them to your entire document, rather than just the selected list. So that’s just something to keep in mind when you’re making changes.

To make changes on an individual basis, simply select the bullet(s) and right click them. From there you can choose from one of the preset icons or select your own. This is great if you’ve set up a check-list, and you want to replace an open box with a checkmark.

Update to Google Docs

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