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CTRL Your Excel Spreadsheet with These Shortcuts

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The CTRL button is a powerful tool in Excel. While you may have the menu options memorized, keyboard shortcuts can save you some extra clicks. Once you have these CTRL commands memorized, we guarantee that your productivity will increase in Excel.

CTRL Page Up/Down

Excel is a wonderful program for storing enormous amounts of data. When your data has spanned across sheets and eventually tabs, it can get time consuming to switch between tabs. This shortcut helps you move through them quicker.

CTRL Shift &

When you’re building an Excel sheet from scratch and need to get the formatting together quickly, keyboard shortcuts are your friend. One shortcut you can use to add a border is CTRL Shift & to quickly give your table an outline.

CTRL Shift $

When it comes to currency in an application, you want to make sure you have all of your numbers right. Excel has many features to help with money related documents. One shortcut you can use when typing out prices, is CTRL Shift $. Use this command when you’re typing out prices and want to automatically format the cells to have two decimal places for the cents in the price.

CTRL Shift @ and CTRL Shift #

Excel is also great for time stamping. Here are two commands you can use for that.

When you want to apply the time format with the hour and minute, and AM or PM, use CTRL Shift @. When you want to apply the date, with the format for format day/month/and year, use CTRL Shift #.


If you want to customize the text in your cells, use this easy-to-remember command to format your cells. For example, let’s say you don’t need to see the timestamp of the year in your date column, you just need to see the month and day of the month. Use CTRL 1 to customize how you want your dates appear. You can use this command to format any text in your cells.

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