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How to Create a Custom Emoji in Slack

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Slack uses emojis as an easy way to react to a message. Think of them as a more expressive version of a Facebook Like or a +1 on Google+.

By utilizing the emojis with a simple click you can quickly convey how the message made you feel. Although there are already a wide range of emojis available in Slack, you also have the option to create your own.

1. Click the down arrow next to your team name
2. Select “Customize Slack” from the drop down menu
3. Navigate to the emoji tab if it is not already selected
4. Choose a name for your emoji.

  • Typing :emoji-name: will display as your custom emoji in a Slack message once your emoji is created

5. Upload your emoji image file (must be no larger than 128px in width or height and the file size must be less than 64K
6. Click “Save New Emoji”
7. Try it out!

Note: Custom emojis are accessible to everyone, so anyone on your team will be able to use the emoji you just created.

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