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Create a Widescreen Google Presentation

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Note: You can now create Widescreen Presentations in Google! Check out this video to learn more!

Although we use Google Presentations for all of our slideshow needs, there are a few limitations that can easily be addressed. For example, while there isn’t a native option for widescreen Google Presentations, we’ve come up with a great workaround.

Google Presentations are limited to the 4:3 aspect ratio while the 16:9 ratio is needed for widescreen support. In order to create a Google Presentation in the widescreen format, you’ll need access to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Inside of PowerPoint you can create a basic presentation in the widescreen format. After saving the presentation to your computer, import it into Google Drive and make sure it’s been converted to the Google Presentations format. From there you should have the ability to edit the widescreen presentation as much as you’d like.

You can revisit this presentation and ‘Make a copy’ whenever you need to make another widescreen Google Presentation.

Make a copy of Christy’s widescreen presentation for your own use!

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