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Create a Video From a PowerPoint Presentation With Office Mix

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In this post we’ve got more on Office Mix! In Mix, you can record yourself presenting individual slides and also turn your entire slideshow into a video.

Your slide recordings are essentially screen captures or screencasts, but you can add interactive elements like written notes, and also include a recording of yourself presenting using your webcam. Once your slides are recorded, you can create a complete video that includes those recordings alongside static slides and other media elements.

Check out instructions in the video (and text below) for both.

To record yourself presenting slides:

  1. Click the Record button in the ribbon.
  2. Click Record Audio or Record Audio Video.
  3. If you have animations, you can click Next to trigger them.
  4. Optionally, write on your slides to emphasize points or add content.
  5. Click Next to progress to the next slide and continue recording, or click Stop to pause/stop recording.
  6. Preview by clicking Preview Slide Recording.
  7. If you need to re-record a slide (or all slides), click Delete Slide Recording or Delete All Recordings and begin at Step 1.
  8. Click Close. You will see your slide recording on the slide itself.

To create a complete, single video of all slides:

  1. Click Export to Video in the ribbon.
  2. Choose a video size from the drop-down menu and optionally, modify the Seconds spend on each slide number if you have static slides. Click Next.
  3. Choose a location to save your video from the dialog box that appears.
  4. Click Next and your video will begin exporting.

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