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Create a Custom Chrome Web Store for your Google Apps Domain

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The Chrome Web Store is where anyone with a Google account can add amazing apps and extensions for a number of different needs. While there are tons of great tools available, some of them may not be appropriate for all users, or they may be deemed a security risk. If this applies to your Google Apps domain you may want to look into creating a Custom Chrome Web Store for your users.

The Google Apps Admin console makes it extremely simple to manage the Chrome Web Store so users only have access to tools that are necessary (or at least appropriate). There are two main strategies that we cover in this video:

  1. Approve all applications while only blocking a select few
  2. Block all applications while only approving a select few

And like most all features in the Google Apps Admin console, you can apply these settings domain wide or create custom settings for each Organizational Unit.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.

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