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Chromebook Management

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Chrome devices can be a great solution for the computer hardware needs of many organizations. In addition to their speed, security, and cost-effectiveness, it is simple for administrators to have complete control of the machines via Chrome device management.

Chrome device management allows organizations to control settings like WiFi passwords and VPN networks and even pre-install Chrome apps and extensions. Administrators can apply these settings to their entire organization or to specific OUs.

Setting up Chrome Device Management

Chrome device management is available for Chrome devices purchased directly from Google or from authorized resellers. All that is required to begin managing a Chrome device is to enroll it in the Admin console. There are two options for enrolling a Chrome device: manual and automatic enrollment (see this page to learn more about these two options).

Using the Management Console

The web-based Chromebook management console makes it easy for you to deploy Chromebooks across your organization while maintaining fine-tuned control of these devices. Here are some of the top management features in the Chromebook management console:

Track Assets: The track assets functionality allows you to assign devices to users in order to get configuration and usage reports to see exactly how each user is using their device.

Pre-install and block apps: The management console allows you to pre-install apps and extensions on Chromebooks, as well as blacklist or whitelist specific apps, extensions and URLs.

Create User Groups: With the user groups feature, you can create different sets of users to which you can then apply policies, apps and settings.

Control User Access:¬†This feature gives you complete control over who uses your organization’s Chrome devices. You can prevent outside users from logging in on the devices, disable the Guest Mode feature, or even designate only specific users in your organization to be able to use Chromebooks.

Configure Network Access: Get your users connected and secure by setting their network and security settings through the management console.

Customize User Features: This feature allows you to customize Chromebooks for different users with settings such as bookmarks and app sync, as well as setting custom Chrome themes.

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