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Check your Gmail Statistics and Habits

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This video was brought to you by Agosto.

One of the most exciting things about Google Apps is the ability to extend and customize the apps beyond the basic use. One of the best (also one of our favorite) ways to demonstrate this is through Apps Script.

Gmail Meter is one of the most basic Apps Scripts out there, but it allows you to pull pretty advanced information about your Gmail account and usage.

If you’re interested in learning more about your usage of Gmail (who sends you the most messages, average response time, thread length, etc.), then you should definitely try out Gmail Meter.

To get started with Gmail Meter:

1.) Open a new spreadsheet

2.) Click Tools then Script Gallery

3.) Find the Statistics section and search for Gmail Meter

4.) Click Authorize and Grant Access

5.) Close your window, click Gmail Meter at the top of your window and Get a report

6.) Select your date range and click Start

7.) You should receive an email update in your Gmail inbox in a few minutes.

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