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Built-in Outlook Online filters: All, Unread, To Me, Flagged

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If you use the Outlook Web App, you may have noticed headings at the top of your list of emails that read “All,” “Unread,” “To me,” and “Flagged.” These words actually denote built-in filters that come with Outlook on the web.

These filters give a quick way to choose which emails display in your message list:

  • All shows all messages
  • Unread shows messages that haven’t been opened and/or marked as read
  • To me shows all email messages in which your address appears on the To or Cc line
  • Flagged shows all messages that have been flagged

You may love these built-in filters, or you may prefer to search and create filters on your own. I use the unread filter all the time; in the morning when I’m reading through emails, I go through and read (or at least mark as read) all the messages that look urgent, and then I am left with a scattering of unread messages throughout my inbox. Rather than scrolling around to hunt for those, I switch to the Unread filter tab. It may not save me a huge amount of time, but it certainly saves me frustration, and that is very valuable.

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