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The BetterCloud Monitor and the Apps Show Join Forces to Supercharge Your Productivity in G Suite

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We’ve teamed up with our friends at Google for Work and put our heads together to select a few awesome add-ons for you. These will boost your productivity across G Suite, allowing you to get a lot more done in less time. Watch the latest episode of the Apps Show and read the article to learn more about our recommendations!

Check out the video above from the Google for Work team, where Googlers Lily and Drea will walk you through three great add-ons:

And as a bonus, here are three more add-on ideas for you:


ScheduleOnce is a great scheduling app that syncs with Google Calendar and eliminates the “back and forth” scheduling dance. Once you answer a few questions about your working hours, time zone, and how long you want your meeting slots to be, you’ll get a link. You can provide this link to customers or clients and allow them to book time directly with you. People can book an appointment slot with just a few clicks, directly placing meetings onto your Google Calendar. (Note: When you create your account, you’ll be enrolled into a 14-day free trial.)

ScheduleOnce screenshot


Papyrs is another great app that allows you to build a G Suite intranet with drag and drop within minutes. It allows you to create a collaborative workspace that’s ideal for project management, internal communications, and a wide number of other functions, and it integrates with G Suite seamlessly. You can drag and drop any of the elements to build your page, and you can also easily add files from Drive. It’s a very intuitive tool that would be great for building a company wiki or social intranet.

Papyrs screenshot


DocHub allows you to edit and sign PDF documents right from Drive. So if you have a PDF document, once you’ve installed DocHub, it will become an option under the “Open with” dropdown menu in the preview window in Drive. Once you’ve opened it, you can add text in an additional layer allowing you to edit any pre-existing PDFs. You can also use it to sign PDF contracts or documents that are sent to you. You can generate a signature and then insert it into a document with a few clicks.

DocHub screenshot


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