Google recently announced a new feature in Gmail that should be extremely helpful. That is the ability for administrators to control the Labs within their domain. That means that the administrator can enable, disable, or enforce certain labs to all its users. Watch this video, and I’ll show you how to utilize this capability, and I’ll also describe some of the various ways you can benefit from it.

To access Advanced Gmail Labs in the Control Panel, follow these directions:

1. Start off by going to Control Panel (Manage this domain)

2. Click on Settings on the top right

3. Click on E-mail on the list on the left side

4. You will now see a tab called Labs, which did not exist before. Click on that tab

The first checkbox allows you to either enable labs or completely disable labs by unchecking the box

There is also a checkbox for Advanced Gmail Labs – By checking off this box, it gives you the ability to either enable, disable, or enforce certain labs for your entire domain.

Allowed = Anyone on the domain can use it

Disabled = No one on the domain can use it

Enabled = Everyone on the domain must use it

The benefits of these features are that you can force employees to take advantage of some useful labs out there such as App Search, or you can disallow them from using a certain lab that you may find distracting. I hope you enjoy this new feature as much as I do.

Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


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This is the coolest update! I asked for this awhile back, and is amazing for organisations to not have to set up each individual new starter’s inbox. Thanks for sharing.



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