A meeting is rarely “just a meeting.” There is prep work to be done and documents that need to be read before any productive discussion can take place. Adding attachments to Google Calendar events is a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page before you sit down in a room together. This feature used to only be available through Gmail Labs, but thanks to a recent update, adding attachments to Calendar events is a permanent feature.

Would you go into a meeting to pick a new company logo without looking at the design proposals? How about a discussion on budget when you haven’t seen the accounting spreadsheet? Of course not! It is time to take your preparedness to the next level. Attachments are not just for emails anymore.


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16 thoughts on “Add Attachments to Google Calendar Events

    • The Gooru Post authorReply

      It’s definitely still available, as long as you have access to Calendar Labs you should see it.

      If you don’t have access to Calendar Labs, talk to your Google Apps Administrator. Also, make sure you’re in the Calendar Labs section, not the Gmail Labs section.

  1. Ray Reply

    How can I add an attachment to Calendar that is not saved on Google Drive? I have a document that is on my C-Drive and do not want to save to Google Drive.

    • The Gooru Post authorReply


      You should see an option to Upload a file, which is where you’ll be able to drag-and-drop files from your computer or select them from a folder.

  2. Jennifer Reply

    Do the folks invited to the meeting need to have the lab enabled to see the attachment?

  3. Ryan Reply

    Thanks, I had issues finding the event attachment at first but realized I was in the gmail settings section. Once in the calendar, settings, labs, event attachment was available.

  4. Dave Reply

    Does the Drive file you attach need to be shared in advance with the attendees or does this process take care of those permissions for you and make it available?

    • The Gooru Post authorReply

      Great question, Dave! You need to share the file with the attendees within the file itself, adding the file as an attachment does not take care of it for you.

  5. Amy Lyne Reply


    I can’t find “Add attachment” feature in Lab setting. Why?

      • Amy Lyne Reply

        Hi Gooru,

        I was in Calendar Labs.

        The labs setting available there are:
        Hide morning and night, Gentle Notifications, Automatically declining events, Who’s my one-on-one with?, Year view, Background image, Free or busy, Jump to date, Next meeting and World clock.
        Just don’t see “Add attachment”.
        the funny thing is, I use my another google account to try, and yes there is!

  6. Ginny m Beagan Reply

    Are these attachments as safe as they would be on my drive? Will they remain there in perpetuity?

  7. Eugene Reply

    Can you add an attachment to the invite AFTER the meeting has happened that everyone can see and access? For example, meeting minutes. Can you attach those to the invite so that AFTER the meeting all participants can now have a record of the meeting in one central location without have to email out the minutes. They can just go to that meeting and the minutes are right there.

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