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A Sneak Peek At Google's New Contact Manager

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a sneak peek at googles new cont

Google Contacts is the essential foundation that all of our interactions rely upon. Google has released a preview of the new Google Contacts manager, which will be released to all Gmail users in the near future. The contacts manager has been updated to create more ease and effectiveness to access your contacts across all Google platforms.

After looking through the preview of the new Contacts feature this is what we think you should know about it.

1. Sleek and colorful new design



The Contacts manager utilizes Google’s new material design concept by adding color but retaining the simplicity of Google Apps. This gives Contacts a very similar look to Google Inbox and the Admin Console.

2. Easier to navigate


easier to navigate

It is now easier to access all of your contacts in one place with the clean and simple side panel. This allows you to navigate contacts from both Gmail and Google+. The ‘Frequently contacted’ option saves you time by pre-selecting contacts with whom you may want to share.

3. Merge duplicate contacts


merge duplicate contacts

Now, Contacts will search through your contact list to determine if there are duplicates and prompt you to merge them into one consolidated card.

4. New “Add Contacts” button


add new contacts button

Google has added a familiar button on the home screen to add contacts.

5. Contact cards include information about what your contacts are sharing


contact cards

Now, you can see what your contacts are up to from one screen without navigating away from the Contacts Console.

6. Share your contact info with people in your circles


share your contact info

It’s easier than ever to share your information with the people in your circles to make sure they can always get in contact with you.

Try it out for yourself here!

Note: The new contacts manager is only available for personal Google accounts.

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